Friday, March 18

[Media Invite] New Concept Cafe in CBD - Kraftwich

Swissbake Pte Ltd is a bakery in Singapore that provides premium quality European bread and confectionery products. Other bakery products include healthy bread, savouries, pies, salads, customized cakes and pastries delivery. 

Kraftwich is more than just a quick pit-stop for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The concept shop’s waistline-friendly yet delectable offerings sharpen the mind, heal the body and replenish the soul.

The bread used in creating Kraftwich is made from flour containing the healthiest grains including wheat, soya, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, rye, and oats. These super ingredients have been lauded for benefits such as improving digestive function, reducing bloating, improving blood cholesterol levels and aiding in heart health.

Personally, I enjoyed the multigrain taste and texture of its toast! For the sandwiches itself, I adore the smoked duck one pretty much! 

Poached Egg and Turkey Ham Swiss Crumpet 

A toast that tasted pretty classic on its own. However, the hollandaise sauce is rather strong and flavourful that covers the taste of the ham and poached egg. 

Bread and Butter Pudding

I have no issue with the vanilla gelato as it tasted pretty great on its own! The pudding is good though its texture could have been better. A rather good combination.

The desserts has a pretty presentation! Each has its own unique flavours for consumers to choose from. Particularly, I adore the chocolate fudge pretty much! It is rich and not too sweet for me.

Besides toast and desserts, there are also pastries! The chocolate bretzel tasted good! It has a crisp exterior and fluffy interior. The almond complement so well with the chocolate bretzel!

One Raffles Place Tower 1