Sunday, March 27

Long Long Time Ago 2 我们的故事 2 Movie Review

In 1977, the Government begins expropriating land for redevelopment, forcing villagers from their kampongs. Licensed farmland owners, such as Zhao Di, are financially compensated for their land. Ah Kun, Zhao Di’s greedy brother accuses Zhao Di and Ah Long of having an affair to tarnish her name in front of the family. In the midst of Ah Kun’s persistent accusations, Zhao Di’s health takes a hit. Will Zhao Di be able to keep her hard-earned compensation money? What will become of her family if Zhao Di’s health continues to deteriorate? As people change with time, will the kampong spirit remain?

Watched Long Long Time Ago 2 我们的故事 2 with mum after church Easter service today. I watched the prelude - Long Long Time Ago 我们的故事 with her earlier this year as well.

Personally, I feel that the sequel is rather compact and well-crafted. The story flow is nicely presented with a good story build up. As usual, it educated me about Singapore history, the living standards and its culture that varies from present till past.

This time round, the plot focused more on family matters which is commendable. It led me to ponder why in those days, parents dote son over daughter? Even though when He was unfilial? It is difficult for a daughter to win their hearts.

The many touching moments are nicely injected. Not to forget some hilarious elements which comes in rather handy. It showed me the importance of kinship. Sometimes, we just need to be appreciative and never take things for granted. Especially, to the one who contribute and care more in the family.

Ratings: 4 / 5