Sunday, January 10

The Da Bang Food Review

The dabang is one of the most chic and rustic cafe serving Australian brunch and dessert with a Korean twist and it's nestled in an busy city in Tanjong Pagar. The cafe encompasses the full experience, from the delights of brunch, aromatic premium coffee beans from Graffeo and complemented with great music and ambience.

Brunch situation with Wei ren at The Da Bang few weeks ago. Thanks The Da Bang for the complimentary voucher to give this cafe a try! 

Eggs Benedict

Nice presentation with decent portion. It tasted okay though it could have
 been better less oily with a flowing yolk. 

Blueberry Milk

I adore this beverage as it does not have the artificial taste. 
It was neither too sweet nor blend.

The Big Breakfast

No doubt that a hearty dish for breakfast.  
However, it appear quite oily and tasted average.

Iced Mocha

This is definitely a good drink to go along with your brunch! 
The beverage itself is not too sweet and has a good balance of its chocolate and coffee. 

Twist Potato 

It was nicely prepared with a good texture. Though it could have been better if it was served warm.
I would certainly recommend you to order this dish when you visit this cafe!

52 Tanjong Pagar Road