Tuesday, September 22

[Media Invitation] ChaoZhou Porridge: Bringing back the age-old Teochew flavours‏

Was invited to a media tasting: ChaoZhou Porridge: Bringing back the age-old Teochew flavours! 

ChaoZhou Porridge is where epicureans can step back in time and relish the erstwhile Teochew dishes. The head chef has over 10 years of experience and is learned in the way of Teochew cooking. At the restaurant, guests can discover seven types of dishes: Cold; Steam; Braised; Deep-fried; Boiled Vegetables as well as Chaozhou signature and Chaozhou porridge.

ChaoZhou Porridge 

This porridge is prepared by immersing rice into boiling water, and then cooked under high heat. Such a process splits and separates the rice grains. Each rice grain then becomes softened. It follows an authentic Teochew recipe. 

Big Sotong with Homemade Sauce【大苏东+潮粥将】

I adore this dish pretty much! It is a good appetiser to begin with. The pillowy texture squids are first are first steamed and then chilled, making this a cold appetiser. This dish was served along with a sweet-sour sauce that complement with with the sotong. 

 Cold Bean Curd with Preserved Radish

I like the soft tender texture of this particular dish. A great combination with the preserved radish, spring onions and sauce which make this dish a rather flavourful one.

Braised Delight Platter 
(Duck, Pork Belly, Large Intestines, Egg, Bean Curd & Tau Pok)

Particularly, I enjoyed the large intestines that tasted pretty good on its own! 

Fried Omelette with Radish

This dish was nicely prepared with good texture! Crispy yet fluffy!

Braised Duck with Ginger

I enjoyed this dish pretty much. The gravy tasted pretty good as it was not too flavourful. It was stewed with various spices and ginger which complement well with this dish. 

Crisp-fried Taro Rolls

Crispy on the outside with thick and rich taro within! It tasted pretty good yet not too sweet for my taste bud. If you prefer rich and starchy taro, you will love it!

221 River Valley Road
Singapore 238279