Friday, September 18

[Invitation] Chicken Legend Blogger Food Tasting‏

Was invited to a food tasting session at Chicken Legend on Wednesday evening!

Coconut Steamboat is a new concept of healthy eating originated from Shenzhen City and is the first Coconut Steamboat in Singapore. Steamboat set is served with pure coconut water straight out of the coconut itself, unlike traditional steamboat there is no artificial sweeteners added into the soup at all. 

As you can see, there are 4 different set for consumers to select from! The small, regular, seafood and meat set! If you are dining there with a friend, you can opt for the small set! 

Need for more food to satisfy your tummy? No worries! Consumers can add meat or seafood combo at their choice! They can also order any add-ons from the list such as salmon, pork belly, mushroom ball and half chicken!

Catch this video as the host share their views on the coconut steamboat. It also shows you the correct way to prepare your coconut steamboat to get the best out of it!

The soy sauce fuses more than ten different herbs. It was served with generous servings of garlic, lime and chilli. With that, consumers can add according to their own preferences. 

This is my first try for coconut steamboat. I thought that the concept was unique and classic on its own. The broth tasted refreshing and light with the natural sweetness of corn. Particularly, I enjoyed eating the chicken cubes when dipped in to the home-brewed premium sauce as it complement well as a whole! Not to forget, the sweetness of the prawns that tasted so good on its own. The salmon and korean pork belly tasted yummy too. 

15 Upper East Coast Road
Singapore 455207