Tuesday, February 10

Imakatsu Food tasting

Imakatsu is an authentic Tonkatsu-specialised Japanese restaurant from Tokyo, with its flagship store in Roppongi and newest store in Ginza. Imakatsu uses only the best ingredients so as to serve up the best Tonkatsu experience to our customers. Imakatsu Star Vista is the first shop outside of Japan, with the same standard of food served in Japan. 

Food tasting session at Imakatsu yesterday evening! This Japanese restaurant has a lovely ambiance and classic decoration layout.

I adore the cabbage which was fresh and crunchy. It goes along well with their in-house sauce which was rather appetizing. You may wish to note that each set comes along with free flow cabbage and rice!

Pork with Ginger Sauce

This dish tasted quite awesome as it was tender and well-marinated. The ginger sauce goes well with the juicy meat which was not too strong for my taste bud. Though it may appear rather flavourful to some, I think it was still a decent dish.

Piyopiyo Minced Meat Cutlet

This dish has nice presentation of its flowing yolk! The frying method used was rather special and classic on its own. It has a crispy texture though I felt that more flavour could have been added to the minced meat to enhance the overall eating experience. The sauce provided certainly bring this dish to another level.

Premium Mentaiko Pork Loin Cutlet

This dish tasted pretty good! When I ate the first piece, I thought that it tasted alright though nothing special. However, the next few piece change my view on this dish. I guess you need to adjust the taste of the Mentaiko before having the next bite. I adore the texture of the meat which was thick, juicy and rather tender. 

Deep Fried Oyster

I thought that this dish was slightly flavourful and oily for me. Nice that it was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

Deep Fried Salmon

I adore this dish pretty much! The battered was nicely done as it was flaky and crispy. The salmon have a good texture that was rather juicy and goes well with the mayonnaise.

Chicken Fillet Cutlet Curry

This dish tasted quite good though the chicken fillet was slightly dry. It could have been better if it was more juicy. The curry was rich and rather flavourful and no doubt goes well with the fillet.

Deep Fried Prawns

This dish tasted reasonably tasty. The prawn meat was thick yet soft; the texture could have been slightly more chewy for better taste.

Grateful for this opportunity to attend this food tasting session. Thank you Yokokawa-san for invitation! Also, for accommodating my schedule. Appreciated. (;

The Star Vista (Buona Vista MRT)
Singapore 138617 
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10:00pm