Tuesday, January 27

Meet Miss Anxiety 我的早更女友 special screening

From the Korean director of "My Sassy Girl", KWAK Jae-yong has managed to catch the eyes of the Chinese film industry through its teaser posters and still cuts. "Meet Miss Anxiety" paints the story of a woman who breaks up with her boyfriend, catching an early menopause syndrome, but heals herself mentally and physically through a new love. Actors and actresses such as ZHOU Xun, one of the hottest Chinese actresses today, as well as TONG Dawei, CHUNG Hongleung and CHEUNG Chilam are cast in this romantic healing film. 



Director: Jae-young Kwak
Cast: Zhou Xun, Tong Dawei, Han-Liang Chung, Zhang Zilin
Genre: Comedy/Romance

Went to watch Meet Miss Anxiety 我的早更女友 special screening as one of the blogger! 

Personally, I felt that the story was simple and classic on its own. Initially, the plot appear rather predictable which seems like a typical romance show. However, it was actually quite refreshing which added colours to it. Though a slow build up to its plot, it was nicely presented with a good flow.

Good to see certain humour injected which was quite funny though some turn out quite foreseeable. There was a twist towards the finale which reveal its hidden truth and that certainly bring this show to another level. Honestly, I was touched in certain scenes with the convincing acting capability presented. 

A film that triggered some memories way back then as a secondary kid.

Ratings: 3.45/5