Thursday, January 8

The Taking Of Tiger Mountain 《智取威虎山》special preview

Adapted from the famous Chinese novel "Tracks in the Snowy Forest" set during the civil war era of 1946, when ruthless bandits occupied Northeastern China and threatened the lives of civilians there. The most powerful bandit of all was Mountain Eagle (Tony LEUNG Ka-fai), with an impenetrable fortress up in Tiger Mountain and armed with strong artillery. Unit 203 of the Liberation Army, led by SHAO (LIN Gengxin), was crossing the Northeastern region when they encountered Eagle's men raiding a village. SHAO decided to stay and fight against Eagle. Headquarters sent a skilled investigator YANG (ZHANG Hanyu), who infiltrated Eagle's gang as an undercover. The duo was soon engaged in a battle of wits with the cold-blooded Eagle, deep inside the snowy forest.


Directed by: TSUI Hark 徐克

Starring : Zhang Hanyu 张涵予             Lin Gengxin 林更新     Tong Liya 佟丽娅
              Tony Leung Ka Fai 梁家辉     Yu Nan 余 男              Han Geng 韩 庚 

Directed by: TSUI Hark 徐克

Was invited as one of the bloggers to watch The Taking Of Tiger Mountain 《智取威虎山》special preview! 

Personally, I felt that this film was pretty awesome! The story was well-crafted with a good build up and climax to its plot. Initially, it may appear quite draggy and dull. However, as the story continue on, it got more exciting on its war battle. The well-planned strategies for the counter attack was smart which bring this show to another level. Good that certain humour was injected to lighten this heavy-hearted show.

Though certain fighting and shooting scenes were rather nerve-wracking, it was amazingly injected as it was convincing. The digital effects was refreshing and nicely done though some appeared quite vague to me. 

The trailer may not look appealing but trust me, this is a good film to catch if you enjoy watching an action-packed film. 

Thanks Clover films (Kelvin) for the invitation to this special screening! (:

Ratings: 4/5