Tuesday, September 23

With Samon (Tatsuya Fujiwara) as the leader of the ST team and young Inspector Tomoisa (Masaki Okada) tasked with managing the team, the ST (Scientific Task Force) attempt to solve the most difficult of cases. The members of the team consist of elite researchers from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s crime lab.

Just finished watching ST MPD Scientific Investigation Squad. Personally, the story plot was good and kept viewers in suspense! It reminded me of this china production drama - 新神探联盟 Detective Alliance which I watched. In both films, the detectives were equally observant and good at analyzing the situation which led them to solve the mystery cases. 

This drama had an unexpected twist towards the end which was smart. Everything just came into pieces when the evidence were gathered in each episode. It led viewers to follow closely on its outcome which can be rather unexpected and overwhelming. 

It also show the importance of friendship and teamwork. As usual, I am impressed by Tatsuya Fujiwara acting capability. The other cast did pretty well too. I thought that the ST team was well-formed in this series. 

There will be a movie sequel coming up next year on January. Am looking forward to it!

Ratings: 4.5/5