Wednesday, September 3

Personally, I am a person who is particular about the comfort, design and appearances of the product. As long as everything mentioned comes into place with a reasonable price, I might consider purchasing the item.

Stumbled upon the above Vans Sneaker at ZALORA and I adore it pretty much. Personally, I think this sneaker caught my attention for its trendy design and pleasant colour combination.

I browse through Vans shoes previously in departmental stores, the kind of fabric used were mostly made out of 100% cotton canvas. Thus, I need not worry about the discomfort I might face with this product. 

There are more variety to choose from at ZALORA. A simple and comfortable Vans sneaker for a casual day out.

If not, a vibrant and trendy footwear to match my outfit for special occasions.

Comfort is definitely an important factor for footwear. It upsets one as it might cause inconvenience to yourself and the people around you.