Friday, August 1

...Continue from Taiwan Trip - Kenting 

Then, reached our next destination Kaohsiung! 

Had one of our meals here at 蒸饺许记. The food tasted okay. Personally, I felt that the dumpling was slightly dry for my taste bud. The noodles were quite tasty and chewy though.

Along the pavement, you can easily rent a bicycle to ride on. A interesting concept! 

Then, we headed to 享溫馨 KTV for our singing session there! Nice ambiance with reasonable price! The toilet was in the singing room itself thus it was convenient. We sang for about 4 hours and enjoyed our experience there!  

After which, we make our way to 瑞豐夜市 Ruifeng Night Market!

Tried the beef noodle at Quan Jia Fu. I kinda like the tender beef meat and the chewy noodle. The broth tasted pretty good as well.

Tried the onion rings from 蔥樂手工洋蔥圈 and I adore this dish pretty much! As you can see, they did it fresh on the spot and was handmade. Crispy on the outside with juicy onions in it! 

Then, we rent a bicycle and cycle around 旗津海洋公園. The place there was beautiful. Enjoyed the scenery while cycling. Though the weather was scotching hot but it was a nice ride around the area there. 

We went to 驳二艺术特区 to walk around. Also, we decided to go for the snoopy exhibition there. The exhibition there was interesting and fun. Had a good time taking photos and exploring the place. 

Kaohsiung was a pretty place and I do agree it is a nice place to cycle around. Our last destination will be Taipei! Will be blogging about it soon!