Wednesday, August 20

The Escape Hunt Experience is an adventure like no other - exciting, addictive, challenging, educational & above all, fun! You will voyage back 100 years in time & play the part of a famous London detective, Shylock Barnes (or Charlotte Barnes), solving challenging mysteries set in old Singapore.

When I walked inside, I was amazed by the beautiful design and theme concept. The place was spacious with nice ambiance. There were cosy sofa sets for customers as well.

I booked the 4pm slot to play spy in the study and was told to reached the place at 3.50pm for the briefing. However, we waited for an hour to play bomb in the cellar instead because of some bug in their database. We agreed to wait since we were already there. 

Though my friends and I was a little upset about this issue, they felt apologetic about it with constant good service provided. 

Since we had to rush for our dinner after the game, the game master suggested we take our group photo and tea before the game. If not, these will only be done after our game. We got the privilege to choose our desired tea flavour which was placed on the table. I decided to go for lady grey tea since I rarely seen this around. It tasted quite okay for me. I felt that the gesture was nice since this was the first escape room that served tea.

Before we start to play, the game master brief us on the rules that we should take note of. Also, to seek hints when needed but 1 hint means -1 minute of your time. And yup, we have an hour to escape!

Previously, tried similar escape reality game at - Alice in the wonderland & Exit Plan - The Cursed Chamber. Thus, I was looking forward to try the game room at the escape hunt!

Personally, I felt that bomb in the cellar was pretty challenging yet fun! Similar to other escape reality game, this requires teamwork and involvement while we were trapped inside the room. We also have to be observant as each clues found might help you solve the mystery to the puzzle. 

Since Huan and I played other escape room before, we could better relate on how to solve the puzzle there though we still needed clues to guide us. I was glad to use the clue to unlock one mystery. SK did a great job with most of the calculation. And yup, we managed to escape in time!

Though all escape reality game were pretty similar, I felt that the escape hunt was better in terms of the story theme and concept put forth. 

During dinner that night, I received an apology email from the team regarding their error with the booking system which cause confusion. To make up for that, they offer a free game for me! The gesture was really thoughtful.

Overall, I had a wonderful experience with the escape hunt!

Concorde Hotel & Shopping Mall
100 Orchard Road
Singapore 238840