Saturday, July 26

Went Taiwan with church mates recently! Booked our flights with scoot since they were having 50% off! This was the plan for our trip! Kenting -> Kaohsiung ->Taipei

Then, we took the HSR from Taoyuan to Zuoying station. From there, a cab to our first destination, Kenting! 

After the rather long ride, we reached Minimi Inn - our accommodation at Kenting. I thought that the inn was pretty cosy with cute decoration. 

Then, we decided to ask for recommendations around the area since it was our first time there. The lady there got a driver to tour us around the area.  

These were the places of interest which the driver brought us there. The places include 船帆石, 砂島 and 鵝鑾鼻公園. Luvin' the nature, God's creation! 

The food we had for breakie before heading for water sports! 

Had water sports at Nan Wan beach! We had a good time shouting and being playful while enjoying the ride! It was fun, thrilling and the experience was memorable! 
Then, we slack around the area to enjoy the beautiful view there.

After water sports, we decided to head back to our inn before heading out again! 

Decided to play go kart thus we took a bus to there. Its been ages riding on one. I remember those time when escape theme park has one and I enjoyed that very much! The go kart here was decent but I thought that the track was pretty narrow. You have to get used to the track to enjoy the experience better. Nevertheless, I pretty enjoyed it though I felt the escape theme park route was much more fun. 

After which, we walked around the vicinity to explore the area nearby.

Then, we headed to the night market to have our meals and did our temporary tattoos there! I like the fried milk 炸鲜奶 there! Tasted good! 

Our last meal in Kenting before heading to Kaohsiung!

Personally, I felt that the scenery in Kenting was beautiful! I liked it alot! A place where you can relax and put your troubles aside. If you enjoy the beach and nature, it is a place you should visit when you are in Taiwan!

Am gonna find time to blog about my experience in Kaohsiung soon!