Sunday, July 27

Dinner was at Chabuton yesterday night after church service. Decided to try this newly open eatery which was situated near town area. This restaurant is the first ever ramen restaurant to be awarded Michelin star. Chef Yasuji Morizumi is named “King of Ramen” by TV Champi on, a well-known Japanese program.

I ordered the signature chabuton tonkotsu ramen and had my add on - soft egg and buta kakuni. I did not manage to have my dish customised when I actually wanted to. The waiter came for our order but did not ask whether if I wanted it to be customised. Thus, I had the normal noodle texture and broth served. 

Personally, I felt that the broth tasted quite good as it was not too salty nor blend. However, the broth was rather oily. The texture of the noodle was soft despite the normal texture ordered. It was springy and eggy which added value to this dish.

The char siew was tender and tasted normal. I felt that a bigger slice of char siew served would bring out the taste more. The buta kakuni tasted pretty good; It was quite tender though it was thick. It will be better if they slice it smaller for better texture and taste. The soft egg was decent though it was not flavourful as expected. It seems to be a healthier version since it was slightly blend. 

313 Orchard Road
Singapore 238865