Saturday, May 3

Went to catch Ah Boys To Men Musical with BK! Managed to get hold of the tickets. Though we do not meet up often, but we still can chat about almost anything. Nice catch-up!  Thanks to AyamBrandSG for selecting me as one of the winner to their contest! Am blessed (:

Wake up your idea, book-in and buy your tickets now, because every Singaporean son and his mother, father, sister, aunty and uncle should watch this brand new musical based on Jack Neo’s blockbuster movie: AH BOYS TO MEN. 

Personally, I felt that Ah Boys To Men Musical was pretty awesome! Though the story was predictable with similar plot to the movie, I thought it was refreshing. The stage performance was engaging with a good flow. The songs were catchy and dance moves were pretty awesome! However, I thought certain jokes were quite 'dirty' which will not be good for kids. 

Particularly, I enjoyed Zhou Chong Qing and Wang Wei Liang's song performance during the musical, I felt their emotions and effort put forth which touched me. Nice one! The other performers did well too! The finale was amazing which led me into singing together with the Ah boys! 

Though I was enlisted as a police officer, I might not fully know what an army soldier went through, especially the time in the muddy jungle. However, we still serve the nation and went through training. Though a different one but the treatment is not exactly that good too. It certainly bring back certain memories while watching it. 

Tomorrow will be the last day to catch the musical! Go get your tickets!

Ratings: 3.8/5

Resorts World® Theatre
Fri, 18 Apr - Sun, 4 May 2014