Wednesday, April 2

Zero Calling is the story of an ordinary man, David, who is coerced by a mysterious caller, Zero, to do his bidding by ‘righting wrongs’ in Singaporean society. David quickly realises what he is doing is no more than gutter vigilantism – taking the law into his own hands. However, David cannot escape from Zero because this mysterious master has made him a slave: Zero knows where he is, what he does and even who he talks to.

Recently watched zero calling on channel 5. Heard of this drama that was airing the other time but did not catch it till my colleagues mentioned about it. It was actually a mystery suspenseful film, the kind of show I will watch.

Personally, I felt that the plot was pretty good. Besides all the killing, it kept viewers in suspense, allowing them to think ahead, who was the mastermind who want him to do that and why? Good composition in the filming which added value to the entire scene. Many intense scenes which bring this show up though I felt some ended abruptly. 

Kudos to Pierre Png acting capability! He acted well with his given role! 

I was slightly disappointed with the finale of season 1 because there wasn't much climax which capture my attention. The ending left viewers to have their own set of ending which I thought was good. A nice fast-pace suspenseful film! 

Am looking forward to season 2 of zero calling!

Ratings: 3.3/5