Thursday, April 17

A group of 7 university students, that belong to the same tennis club, leave for a graduation trip to a snowy mountain cottage during the wintertime. Although all of them seems to get along well, some of them carry secrets the others are not aware of. Yuta Shino (Koji Seto), the cool and brilliant president of the club, is in love with Miki (Anna Ishibashi ) and plans to tell her about his feelings at the destination of their excursion. But it doesn´t works out the way Yuta wishes, instead he learns that Miki is already dating his best friend, the free-spirited Takano Natsu (Ryo Yoshizawa). When love is shattered and jealousy unleashed, the seven friends find themselves in conflicting postions, and suddenly a murder occurs.

Finished watching this drama - Lost Days. Personally, I felt that the story plot was good. It bring back memories on those "lost days" when I was in secondary. Those were the days that we spent more time with friends after class and during holidays. 

It revolved emotions and secrets each may have within oneself. Moreover, it portrayed different personality of each person as well. Everything seems good initially, however, the ugly truth of each secret started to show when 7 university students went on a holiday. 

From this show, I realised that we have to think before we speak. You might not mean what you say but the other party will think otherwise and misery will happen. Also, to love yourself and not trying hard to be someone else. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, so what's the point to be jealous with another person?

It is one good suspenseful drama. Alright, I ponder if there's season 2 for this drama? I thought the ending left viewers a mystery.

Ratings: 3.4/5