Monday, March 10

01. 克卜勒 (Kepler)
02. 渴 (Thirsty)
03. 無限大 (Infinity)
04. 尚好的青春 (Still Good Youth)
05. 天使的指紋 (Angel Fingerprints)
06. 銀泰 (In Time)
07. 圍繞 (Around)
08. 錯覺 (Illusion)
09. 比較幸褔 (Kind Of Happy)
10. 雨還是不停地落下 (Rain Still Kept Falling)

Previewed Stefanie Sun 孙燕姿 latest album - Kepler 克卜勒. I enjoyed 尚好的青春天 and 使的指纹 from this album. The lyrics and melody were pretty well-done, which was meaningful and memorable. The emotions she put forth were great as usual. Nice~