Friday, August 17

1. 寂寞來了怎麼辦
2. 胡鬧
3. 追
4. 因為你是女人
5. 第一秒鐘
6. Good Luck
7. Get Out
8. 全部都給你
9. Baby Maybe
10. 早安

Woo~ Kenji Wu 吴克群 latest album - 寂寞來了怎麼辦! Had preview this album and I find it great! One talented singer who always strive for improvement! For this album, he composed all 10 songs! Cool!

Been listening to his music since his 3rd album - The Kenji Show (大頑家)! Since then, I find this singer talented. On the other hand, I enjoyed singing his songs at ktv. He is one singer who compose nice songs with simple lyrics and speak to many out there.

Always been looking forward to any of his music composition! And yup, he did well yet again! Overall, its one good album! Alright, will end here with his MVs!

Ratings: 4.5/5