Saturday, March 31

Woo. Yesterday was the last episode of this awesome mysterious film - unriddle 2 最火搭档 2. Though I did not really follow up the series, I still wanted to catch it if possible. And yup, this is the kind of my show. Mysterious, action and thrilling. One of the best mediacorp production.

I feel that the plot is rather good as it keeps you in suspense which makes you ponder who is the mastermind and baddie who cause all this to happen. To me, it seems to be like a movie than a drama.

Unexpected ending which makes many wonder what actually happened and how's the ending would be like? I guess its up to the viewers to think about the ending.

And yup, kudos acting from Rui En, Tay Ping Hui and Chen Li Ping.
The other cast did well too!

Unriddle 3? I guess since the response is rather overwhelming, there will be a sequel to it!

Missed this show? Catch it on xinmsn!