Thursday, March 8

My commuting experience has been neither a good nor bad one (-__-).

When travelling to work, I do see some commuters being gracious, moving in towards the back which enable others to board the bus. At the same time, giving up seats to the one who needs more. On the mrt platform, I do see commuters standing behind the yellow line while waiting for the train and let the passengers alight before boarding in. It is also good to see them giving up seats and move in to the centre which allows more of the the others to board in.

However, I do not see this happen often. In the bus, I see commuters standing at the side without taking the initiative to move in until the driver tell them to move in, most did but not all. I also see some commuters not giving up seats to the one who need it more. In the MRT, some would just rush in before letting passengers to alight, not moving in and giving up seats to those in need. To the extent, some even place their personal belonging or rest their legs on an empty seat.

There is one incident when I was alighting the train, I saw a lady confronted a boy because he hit her without apologizing and not saying 'excuse me' while alighting.

Simliar incidents will continue to happen if we are not gracious and considerate enough to be sensitive and think for others.

Do you want this to continue happening?
Do you wish to have a happy & safe ride home or work?

Think about it.

Come on!
Make It Right For a Better Ride!

1) Queue & Move inside!
2) Give up seats to those in need!
3) Say 'Excuse me' instead of pushing while alighting!
4) Never put belongings or rest your legs on empty seats!

<3 your ride! ((:

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