Tuesday, August 3

Walked into popular just now. Heard one song which was playing and I found it pretty catchy. Thus, I stayed longer to listen more of the songs played. Then, I realised that I like his other songs as well. Thus, I found out from a staff that the above album was the one which was playing. I highly recommend his debut album because I have previewed his songs online and I like almost all songs. I think this singer will make it big! His name is 韩庚. He is former group of super junior which I do not know.

Bump onto Ms Julia Goh last weekend. Glad she's doing well. Still looking great and no change. (:

Why do I tend to get distracted these days? Perhaps tired as well? I do not know. I pray for wisdom from God, that through him nothing is impossible. Really need his strength to move on and cope well with everything. I place my trust in my mighty God. Thanks (:

Am I pressuring my myself too much now?