Sunday, August 15

Today is officially my last day in NS ministry. In the past, I used to see people transferring over to other group. Time passes so fast that I ord-ing soon. In my stint in NS ministry, I really benefited in terms of my faith, time-management and grow as a person. The memories I had with NS ministry will always be with me. I really hope someone could lead the police group and not let it disappear just like that.

I wanna thank Jiexun. He's really a good brother! Always there without fail to encourage and reminded us about God's love. He will be leaving for his studies on Tuesday. I pray that he could cope well with his study in the new environment and culture. At the same time, continue to serve God! I am really glad to be in CG serving alongside with Jiexun. Though we will be in different group, I know that we will strive and continue our journey together.

I will be entering the next phase of my life in new environment in church and workplace. I pray that I can manage well with it.