Tuesday, October 27

Work was different today. Some colleagues came to our office for discussions and bonding session. I realised my office welcome anyone, and tend to be the peace maker. Seriously, I am lucky and happy that I am there. There's nothing more to complain to have such nice supervisors yea. Though I tend to grumble at times. But who don't?

Just finished watching 痞子英雄 - Black & White! A genre of investigation/mysterious drama that is simliar to Pi Li MIT. The above mention storyline was better because there were more kick ass fighting, action pack and thrilling scenes. However, I have to say that the show was quite messy and confusing at times. One have to pay attention in order to understand the story better. Zai Tian & Ying Xiong acted very well!! Like thrilling, investigation and mysterious drama? This is a must for you!!

Ratings: 4/5