Wednesday, July 4

[Preview Screening] Animal World 动物世界

Muddling along a path in life without any aim, Zheng Kaisi (starring Li Yifeng) lands himself in debt, with his mother in a vegetative state relying on him and his childhood sweetheart Liuqing (starring Zhou Dongyu) for survival. In order to repay his debts, he boards a gambling ship called “Destiny” to attend a mysterious gambling party. If he wins, all his debts will be cancelled. The game rules seem very simple, however, any tricks can be used in the game. Kaisi is soon overwhelmed by the countless traps and schemes. He must survive the game well-planned by Anderson (starring Michael Douglas), the leader behind all the tricks at the gambling party.

Attended Animal World 动物世界 preview screening with Hui ting at Shaw Theatres nex recently. I'm such a happy boy to receive a pair of tickets to catch this film. If you don't already know, this particular film was based on the bestselling Japanese novel and anime series - Kaiji. Fans of Kaiji [just like me], I believe you just have to watch this to experience a different rendition for yourself.

Personally, I felt that this movie had a focused story-line. The progression in each scenes led me to ponder and followed them closely. However, the clown personality depicted on a character was kind of redundant. This film also educated viewers to think critically and persevere on in difficult situation. When a world that was full of greed and selfishness, it was heart-warming to understand that humanity still exists in mankind.

Though this show may not seems on par to Kaiji - the ultimate gambler, it was still decent. I just wished that they played more games to heighten the overall experience. Oh ya, did I mention that there will be a sequel to it? I can't wait to catch it!

Ratings: 3.7 / 5