Sunday, October 25

Our Times《我的少女时代》Movie Review

We all had to live through and rise above the awkward years in high school, and regardless how long it may have been a distant past you wish to forget, there's always a beautiful memory somewhere waiting to be awakened. A joyful moment that truly belongs to you. An ordinary high school girl Lin Truly (played by Vivian Sung) pines over the most popular guy in school Ouyang Extraordinary (played by Dino Lee). The school's troublemaker Hsu Taiyu (played by Ta Lu Wang) falls for the prettiest girl in school Tao Minmin (played by Dewi Chien). Together, Truly and Taiyu, work through misadventures to help each other win their dream dates. Through this youthful rite of passage, their friendship evolves and they learn a thing or two about true love.

Watched Our Times《我的少女时代》with Wei Ren in the late afternoon. 

I heard that this show is similar to you are the apple of my eye - 那些年 我們一起追的女孩 with many awards nomination. Hence, I have been looking forward to catch this film since the release in Taiwan!

Personally, I feel that this film was nicely depicted with a compact story-line. Initially, the plot may appear to be a duplication of 那些年 我們一起追的女孩. However, these two films are different in their own ways. 

I never expect the twist for this character - Hsu Taiyu. A gangster who was previously a good student in school. Due to certain incident, He changed. The focus on this character make this film more enjoyable. It also triggers certain memories one may encounter during high school. The humorous and touching scenes were nicely injected as well.

Towards the finale, Lin Truly found out the hidden truth about Hsu Taiyu. The gesture that He done, portrayed the meaning of true love.

A good and touching romance film!

Ratings: 4.5/5