Thursday, March 19

Munch Saladsmith & Rotisserie Food Tasting

Was invited to Munch SaladSmith's at Novena Square 2 last Sunday afternoon! 

Look at the spread of choices that consumers can choose from!

I chose the ham sandwich, rosti and salmon! Rosti tasted okay though I felt that it could have been more crispy for better texture. The salmon was good and and not too flavourful for me but it was slightly dry.

The spread of food that we (bloggers) got from the selection! 

Personally, I liked the ham sandwich and scrambled eggs pretty much! The sandwich was stuffed with ham, cabbages, cucumbers and tomatoes; not too much nor little but easy for one to indulge. The bread just goes along well with this combination. It was nicely presented as well. The texture of the scrambled eggs was nicely done as it was not too dry but fluffy and moist!

The lovely people that I met during the event!

Munch Saladsmith & Rotisserie
Square 2
Singapore 307506