Sunday, October 31

Yesterday, went to IMH with my CG for volunteering work! Though its just few hours, I feel that I learned alot from it! We were put into groups, doing different activities such as drawing, singing and playing games! However, the first program of the day was group singing! Had fun with the sing-a-long session with the special friends.

After which, I helped out origami and I realised that their attention span was rather short. Thus, I feel that it requires lots of patience and effort to teach them. Some are smart in their own ways and could respond rather well.

Then, a special friend requested drawing! Thus, I assisted her on that. She did colouring while I drew images for her. She was responsive and even ask me views on which colour will be suitable for the house and stars. It was a fruitful Saturday morning!

Then, to church service. Always looking forward to service where I get to gain many insights and understand more about God words!

After dinner, went to the museum of horrors! Got free entry tickets! If not have to pay 12 bucks which I think its not really worth it. However, it was a great experience where you get to see many horror movie characters and certain character looks pretty real! Thanks Li Yi for the treat!

Had a fun Saturday! (: